How to control the value of the electricity bill in the summer?

With the high temperatures that arrive in the summer, energy consumption in several homes tends to increase, reaching up to 15%, according to the electric company Energisa. This is because with the heat the baths become more time consuming, the opening and closing of the refrigerator more frequent and the use of fans and air conditioners, intensified.

In this way, the consumer's electricity bill tends to increase. And in addition to the financial issue, the environmental issue also comes into question, since the production, transmission and distribution of electricity also includes the use of water, for example.

Thus, we have set up some attitudes that can help save on the electricity bill and collaborate with the environment. Check out:

  • Acquiring appliances rated 'A' by the National Electric Energy Conservation Program (Procel) is a good option, since the Procel seal certifies that these equipment sages more effectively in lower energy consumption.
  • Replacing incandescent or fluorescent bulbs with LED models will ensure savings of 35% to 85% of energy.
  • Installing the refrigerator in a well ventilated place, not leaning against walls and furniture, and away from sunlight or any heat source ensures better equipment effectiveness. In addition, avoiding the constant open and closing also helps in the economy.
  • The tip is to turn off the electric shower and take a cold shower during hot days, or even put the equipment in the 'summer' function and make a faster use.
  • The main suggestion is to replace the air conditioning with the fan, which can generate savings of up to 70%. However, for those who do not give up a colder environment, the tip is to keep the filters clean and use the timer function at 24ºC. So the temperature is pleasant and the equipment does not consume as much energy.
  • In the case of electric iron and washing machine, try to accumulate all the clothes and use the equipment only once a week. In addition, more delicate clothes can be washed by hand.

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