How much does it cost to install a solar power system?

That the consumption of solar energy in Brazil has increased more and more, we already know. This type of renewable energy has several benefits, both for the environment and for the consumer's pocket, because it is obtained from the heat of the sun, being an inexhaustible and more economical source. But what would be the financial investment to install a solar power system.

The investment cost of a photovoltaic system, which can be installed on roofs, building facades and idle land to produce energy for self-consumption and for any domestic need without emitting polluting gases, can vary greatly. This is because the suppliercompanies calculate the average electricity consumption of the establishment and customize the system, so that the power is able to generate the amount of electricity required by the site. But there are simulations that give a notion of costs to the consumer.

The company Entec Solar, for example, simulated a house with two bedrooms, garden and three bathrooms that spends, on average, R $ 250 per month electricity. In this example, the installation amounts range from R$ 17,000 to R$ 20,000, reducing the monthly expense to R$ 25. A second simulation was made using as a base a four bedroom residence, swimming pool, sauna and an invoice between R $ 800 and R $ 1,000 per month. The installation of the new system would require investments between R$ 55,000 and R$ 60,000, but with monthly expenses between R$ 80 and R$ 100.

For Ronaldo Koloszuk, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Brazilian Association of Photovoltaic Solar Energy (Absolar), cost-benefit is valid. "In the accounts of households and companies, the reduction can reach more than 90% with the photovoltaic system. A villa that usually generates a electricity bill of R $ 500 can pay about R $ 50. A similar reduction is expected in invoices of R$ 1,000."


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