How Loyalty Miami Invoices 6 million dollars a year and helps companies become global

In Brazil economic data as high unemployment rate and increased violence point to a scenario of uncertainty in business. Meanwhile, in Miami, Sao Paulo, Daniel Toledo, an expert lawyer in international law, invests 100,000 dollars in the expansion of his consultancy. It is the Loyalty Miami, a company that helps other companies to make their business international, especially in the United States.

In the opposite of the Brazilian scenario, Daniel conquers clients who seek to broaden their business, or apply for investment visas in the United States. and to improve the customer service he is expanding the business-today the three physical offices are in the United States: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, new York-and building structures in Barcelona, Spain, Lisbon, Portugal, Brisbane, Australia And soon Manchester, in the United Kingdom.

With an initial capital of 100,000 dollars spent on hiring employees, opening companies in the countries, anticipating leasing, furnishing and decorating spaces, Daniel Toledo or his partners did not need to take a dime out of their own pocket. This is due to the fact that he himself and his company, Loyalty Miami, have a credit score very high in the United States, which guarantees them credit with annual interest rates that remind a percentage of monthly interest in Brazil.

The strategy of Daniel Toledo to maintain the centralization of the business in the United States included the hiring of an exclusive secretary allocated in Miami, to meet those interested in different countries with attendance in Portuguese, Spanish and English and Redirect to regional offices. "The Loyalty grew fast because I believe in the hard work and the deliveries carried out by my efficient staff. Without it the process is unsustainable. And with that, God, of course give a helping hand, "he explains. He claims that he helps people structure their business to support the visa, not the other way around and this ends up being a differential. If the business doesn't work, people lose their immigration visa. Therefore, there is no point in making a great visa process if the business is not well structured, "points out Daniel Toledo.

Loyalty Miami is able to take care of all the steps of the process of implementing a business, so it attracts so much who has no vision of entrepreneur and large corporations. The company offers a complete advisory that includes openness of the company in the United States, market research, financial structuring, legal and accounting, implantation with staffing, information technology system; In addition to an efficient business plan for at least 3 years. "Our third party partners also provide engineering, architecture, decoration, designer, and other services," says Daniel.

In the business growth and diversification plans of Loyalty Miami, Daniel Toledo reveals that he is developing an e-commerce platform with an unusual business model, which will be released soon, but which will be a facilitator for small entrepreneurs Sell it all over the world.




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