How to protect your business in the midst of the water crisis

Due to the water crisis, which has been haunting the country and raising the hypothesis of energy rationing and blackout, there is a need for companies to create strategic plans if the limitation of consumption occurs. thus preventing the company from stalling.

Jeferson D'Addario, CEO of Daryus Group, an authority on business continuity and risk management, explains that "for a business continuity strategy to work is essential to prepare professionals and executives. ISO 22301 itself should be a rule for public and private sectors around the world."

With more than 20 years of experience, D'Addario says that the first step of paramount importance is to develop a top-down business continuity program, and then develop a plan of resilience strategies. "With this, it is possible to design crisis scenarios, make plans and keep them appropriate. Finally, the awareness and education of senior management are major factors for a company to improve resilience and minimize losses", he concludes.

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