IBAMA can file for Total licensing

As already reported, the Offshore Panorama takes in the expedition of environmental licenses for oil exploration has caused many oil companies can't start their jobs offshore, which is causing obstacles in new investments in the oil sector in Brazil.

On the other hand, the lack of information from the companies involved can not only slow the process, as well as cause the archiving of licenses. This is the case of the French oil company Total by the Brazilian Institute of environment and renewable natural resources (Ibama).

According to Ibama, information was requested regarding the release of the license to explore oil blocks in Total at the mouth of the Amazon. But so far, there has been no response from the company. The Institute reported that the oil company still don't answer your fourth and final request, may be filed under the licensing process.

If on the one hand there is bureaucracy in environmental licensing, authorizations for other companies should provide the information accurately and as quickly as possible. So, everyone would have to gain, including the oil and gas sector from Brazil's "on life support".

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