IBP opens registration for course on local content policy

The Brazilian Institute of oil, gas and Biofuels (IBP) took the time to review of local content and opened registration for a course that aims to bring information to professionals in the oil and gas sector on the details of the brazilian local content policy and make comparisons with other countries ' regulations.

The new feature is part of a series of five courses of the IBP with open enrollment, including pipeline Inspection workshops and ducts; Classic Controller and Digital Control; Inspection and maintenance of cathodic protection systems in Ground Ducts; and maintenance, Reliability and cost Analysis of the life cycle of physical assets.

The duration of the courses varies from 8 hours to 40 hours and the classes are taught by specialists in each area, and the value of the entries ranges from R$ to R$ 660.00 2,300.00. Learn more on the website: www.ibp.org.br/cursos.


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