IBP issued SPIE certificate to the pulp and paper industry

The IBP (IBP – Brazilian Institute of Oil and Gas) issued the first Certificate of SPIE – Own Equipment Inspection Service, certification provided for in ANNEX II of NR-13 (Pressure Vessels and Boilers, according to its creation in the 1994/95 revision), for the industrial segment of pulp and paper. SPIE was authorized by the General Accreditation Coordination of INMETRO (Cgcre/INMETRO) to act as product certification body (OCP).

The entry of cmpc Celulose Riograndense as the first in the segment is a milestone for the SPIE Certification Program, which for more than 24 years contributes to the enhancement and expansion of the safety of industrial facilities in the country. The IBP aims for other companies in the pulp and paper segment to be interested in the SPIE Certification – a different and innovative program – that contributes to an increasingly safe industry.

IBP's SPIE Certification Program expands its operations and has 67 Certified SPIE, covering the O&G (upstream, midstream and downstream) industries; Petrochemicals; Chemistry, Fertilizers and now, Pulp and Paper.

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