IBP conducts seminar on natural gas in Brazil

The Brazilian Institute of oil, gas and Biofuels (IBP), will promote in the days 25 and 26 September, 18 seminar on Natural Gas. The event which will take place in the Windsor Florida Hotel of Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro, promises to bring together the main actors of the sector, in order to discuss the challenges and solutions to the development of the natural gas segment in Brazil. 

Natural gas has had great strategic importance in the world energy scene, so in this year's seminar, according to IBP, participants will have the chance to discuss with key stakeholders of the brazilian industry of gas on the new perspectives, challenges, and opportunities in the industry, which seeks expansion and business development in times of crisis.

Participants will be able to enjoy a networking environment that can offer opportunity to boost of new projects, partnerships and training strategic alliances. Stay informed about everything that happens in the oil, gas, energy, gasoline, fuels, Petrobras, onshore and offshore here in Panorama Offshore. Remember: your business. Check out: www.panoramaoffshore.com.br.


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