IBP hosts study on global Energy panorama

Recently DNV-GL, an international service provider For several areas such as renewable energy, oil and gas, electrification between Others, presented at the Brazilian Institute of Petroleum, Gas and biofuels (IBP) The third report of the Energy Transition Outlook 2019, a study that Talks about the World energy transition scenario.

The analysis addresses the goal established by the Paris Agreement and The relationship of technology as catalyst agent of this transition and allied In the decarbonization of the energy matrix. Still according to the study, almost Half of the demand will be supplied by renewable sources and natural gas will be Source responsible for most of the global energy mix.

The report was presented by Remi Eriksen, the global CEO of Company, and brings a panorama of the segment up to the year 2050. In addition, the theme will be part of the Rio Oil & Gas 2020 schedule scheduled for September Next year.


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