Ibsen Flores is the new President of the State-owned Pre-salt

The pre-salt Oil State S.A. (PPSA), created in 2013 to manage on behalf of the European Union the production sharing contracts for oil in areas in Brazil’s pre-salt layer, will new President the engineer Ibsen Flowers Lima, second appointment published by the Ministry of mines and energy in the Diário Oficial da União.

Lima will assume the post in place of the engineer Oswaldo Pedrosa Jr., who led Ag the PPSA since shortly after the creation of the State, and there will be changes also in other departments of the company, appointments for 2016/2019.

The Board of management contracts will be with the geologist Hercules Tadeu Ferreira da Silva, who will replace the geologist also Renato Marcos Darros de Matos, who had already left the Office.

The position of technical director and supervision will be with engineer Paulo Moreira de Carvalho, in place of Edson Yoshihito Nakagawa, while the financial and Administration Board will be the engineer Leandro Helm Junior, replacing Antonio Claudio Pereira da Silva.

“The new directors, appointed by the Ministry of mines and energy, have strong academic background, in addition to large and diverse experience in the oil and gas industry in Brazil and abroad, two of them members of the senior management of the PPSA”, said the Ministry of mines and energy in a statement.

According to the folder, the new Board will have the commitment to continue with the activities related to the first Pound contract bid in the pre-salt area under the production sharing scheme.

The new directors also will give “rapid” conclusion of individualised production agreements (Unitization). Another challenge of the new management will be the completion and implementation of the marketing policy of oil and gas of the Union, “said the Ministry.


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