Idec defends return of daylight saving time

Going through the current moment of water crisis and after the Minister of Mines and Energy asks the population to use more natural light, the Idec (Brazilian Institute of Consumer Protection) defends the return of daylight saving time. According to Clauber Leite, coordinator of the agency's Energy and Sustainability Program, the return of the schedule could result in energy gains.

In July of this year, Roberto Kishimani, an energy expert and coordinator of the Climate and Society Institute, claimed that the return of daylight saving time would not bring such meaningful results. But according to Clauber, any small difference that is positive is important, especially in the current scenario. It is worth remembering that the decree that ended the program was signed in 2019 by current President Jair Bolsonaro, who at the time said that the end of the differentiated time "favors the biological clock and increases the productivity of the worker".

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