IEA announces together 15 countries global energetic improvement

It was held in new York, last Monday (23), the United Nations climate Summit on the issue of global climate action. In addition to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the meeting included other institutions, companies and governments for an alliance between the entities of 15 countries with a focus on accelerating progress in energetic efficiency.

The IEA states that “urgent actions can help the world achieve the main goals of sustainable energy.” The co-alization announced joint objectives to boost a 3% improvement in the overall energetic intensity, which would allow economic growth with reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

In this way, the countries could achieve the goals of the Paris Accord – a treaty that defines methods of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from 2020 to contain global warming – using existing technologies and costs.

Moreover, the event gains even greater importance since the crisis of fires in the Amazon occurred this year, in view of the approximation of the date when the Paris agreement enters into force.

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