In 4 years, Exxon and Chevron record more profit

Even with the instability of the financial market, ExxonMobil and Chevron closed the year 2018 with positive results, accounting for their best numbers in four years. According to a scholarship on Wall Street, the two companies had a 3% increase in their shares.

Since 2014 — the last year that Brent oil exceeded the US $100 limit — companies had not recorded such a high profit. In 2016, Chevron suffered an annual loss of US $497 million. In 2018, ExxonMobil recorded a high of 5.79%, with a profit of US $20.840 billion. And Chevron, 61.2% High, billed US $14.8 billion.

This breakthrough was seen with good eyes by Wall Street, which praised the economic yada of companies, even with the rise in oil prices. The revenues adopted by the companies are based on cost control and economies of scale of restructuring activities, offering assets and acquisitions, mainly refineries.

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