Oil incentives will have audience on March 6th

After causing a lot of discussion in the House, the tax benefits to the oil industry will be debated next to other institutions in two weeks ' time on 6 March.

The taxation, economics and Mines and Energy committees will make a joint public hearing, for which they have invited the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), the state Government, and the Brazilian Institute of Petroleum, Gas and biofuels (IBP).

The subject caught fire after Governor Luiz Fernando Pezão (MDB) joined, by decree, the Federal Repetro Covenant — which exempts the industry from various taxes and can cause the whole country to stop collecting, up to 2040, R $1 trillion.

The detail, nothing insignificant, is that adherence to the tax recovery Regime has determined that new incentives greater than 200 million UFIRs (about R $650 million) should pass through the legislative sieve before it comes into force.

On the agenda of the hearing will be decree 46,233, resumption of Repetro, and PL 3.660/2017, which authorizes the State to participate in the Covenant only in the research activities.

"The decree edited by Governor Pezão, adhering to the Repetro, is illegal. It injures articles 3 of law 7495/16 and 7th of Law 7657/2017, which obliges the submission of bill and the realization of public hearing. The audience is needed to clarify the issues, "says State Member Luiz Paulo (PSDB), chairman of the ALERJ Taxation Commission. Source: Extra Newspaper


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