Repetro incentives are extended up to 2040

The Official Gazette of the Union, of 29 December, published the provisional Measure Law No. 13,586, of 28 December 2017, with the proposal for the expansion of the Repetro-special customs Regime of goods to the research and mining activities of the oil and natural gas deposits-establishing Prorrogaçã The In another 20 years, that is, up to 2040.

This measure gives expectation to the federal Government of greater interest in Brazilian auctions, and that the productive chain is benefited, besides designing more investments for the sector. The good news to oil companies focuses on the reduction of social contribution values on net income (CSLL) and the income tax of the legal person (IRPJ).

Repetro-is a special customs regime for export and import of goods intended for research and mining activities of oil and natural gas deposits (in RFB N º 1,415, 2013, art. 1). The scheme was established by Decree No. 3,161, of 2 September 1999 (repealed) which was based on Law No. 9,430, of 1996 (art. 79, § Single) and is currently regulated by Decree No. 6,759 of 2009 (Customs Regulation) pursuant to Article 93 of Decree-Law No. 37, of 18 November 1966.

CSLL-Social contribution on net profit is a contribution created by the Law 7.689/1988 so that all legal persons (PJ) and those assimilated by income tax legislation (IR) can financially support Social security. Read the Integra: HTTPS://GOO.GL/8A3JVF

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