Gas price rise scares consumers

Once again, consumers of cooking gas have been suffering from increases in prices. the that was disclosed by Petrobras last June, this time it was 5.9% for cooking gas, also known as LPG (liquefied gas of and 4.58% for piped gas. The 13kg canister came to cost more than R$ 100,00 in São Paulo. The adjustment has occurred almost monthly since the beginning of the year and the explanation is simple: the price of gas follows the value of the oil, so the more oil is expensive, the higher the value of the disbursed to buy the canister.

Expectations for the drop in prices for now are low. The government even intervened, zeroing pis and cofins rate that focuses on cooking gas, but companies took this opportunity to have a profit margin. Alexandre Borjaili, president of the Brazilian Association of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Dealers (ASMIRG), said in March of this year that "the measure will only help increase the profitability of distributors."

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