Increase in the value of fuel in refineries can change final price to the consumer

Brazilian motorists were able to save more with the value of the fuel in the week ended April 22.  With the lower average price in one year and four months, the price of gasoline sold at fell 0.3%, costing 3.629 reais a liter. The lowest level since the week ended December 2015, when the litre was sold to 3.628 reais, according to the ANP.

However, due to rising prices of derivatives in international markets since the last review, in addition to adjustments in the company's competitiveness in the domestic market, Petrobras announced a 4.3% increase in the price of diesel fuel and of 2.2% on average for gas in refineries.

As the brazilian law guarantees freedom of market prices, the reflection of the final price to consumers will depend on the transfers made by other members of the Chair of fuels such as distributors and resellers. According to the State, the review of the amounts of fuels happens once every 30 days, following the price announced by Petrobras in October 2016.

Apparently, according to the company, if the adjustment is passed on in full and there are no changes in the other plots that make up the price to the final consumer, the diesel can go up 2.9 percent or about 0.09 R$ per liter on average, and the gasoline, 1.2% or R$ 0.04 per litre on average. This new policy of more frequent adjustment of Petrobras had already raised the value of gasoline in two opportunities and reduced by four other times.

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