Increase makes cooking gas cost more than 10% of the minimum wage

This November, the price of the gas cylinder increased again reaching R $69.75, an increase of 8.5% referring to the amount charged at the beginning of the month. The increase in value is due to the collection of 30% of Petrobras for resellers, and passed on to consumers. In the East zone of São Paulo, the cylinder reached the value of R $97.

In a comparison, it is possible to perceive what the cost of living was higher, which may lack funds to meet basic needs such as food, education and health, since the barrel of oil is at US $68.02, while the natural gas (cylinder) around US $25.79 And the Brazilian workers ' minimum wage in the U.S. dollar corresponds to the average of US $253 per month.

So, the citizen works a month to earn the equivalent of 10 gas cylinders, that is, the value of one is referring to 10% of the minimum wage that currently is only R $954.

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