Increases the volume of oil reserves in Brazil

The proven oil reserves declared in Brazil grew 1% in 2017 before the previous year, to 12.835 billion barrels, reported in note the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). Already the proven, probable and possible oil reserves declared in the country grew by 4% in the period, to 23.630 billion barrels, the regulatory agency reported.

The proven, probable and possible reserves are differentiated by the degree of likelihood that they occur, and they are proven to be more likely and possible with minor. With regard to the stated resources of natural gas, there was a fall of 2% of the proven reserves, to 369.918 billion cubic meters (m³), and recoil of 5% of the proven reserves, probable and possible, to 609.213 billion cubic meters.

"In general, the changes in the volume of Brazilian oil reserves are due to production during the year, additional reserves from new development projects and revision of the field reserves by different technical and economic factors" , he highlighted the ANP. In 2017, approximately 957 million of oil barrels and 40 billion cubic meters of natural gas were produced in Brazil, according to the municipality. Source: G1.

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