Evidence of oil and gas in Recôncavo and Rio Grande do Norte

RIO-Petrobras announced the discovery of new evidence of oil in Bethlehem Farm field, in Brazil, and of natural gas in the Guanambi field, in the basin of the Recôncavo.

The discovery in Farm Bethlehem was possible thanks to the Earth's 3BRSA1277CE well drilling. The field was discovered in 1980 and produced, in September, 1300 barrels/day of oil, according to data from the National Agency of petroleum, Natural gas and biofuels (ANP).

The new evidence of gas in Guanambi were discovered from the ground 4BRSA1274DBA well drilling. The first drilling in the field were made in 1949, but only in 2007 Petrobras declared the commercial viability of the area. According to the field development plan, the production of Guanambi is expected to take until 2034. In September, the field produced 71 bpd of oil.



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