Brazilian oil and gas industry is featured in seminar

The seminar “Opportunities of oil and gas sector for Brazil” held this week in Brasilia (DF), attended lectures and debates with important names of the area, which discussed the new perspectives in the sector and the opening of the natural gas market, which can Promising development of the Brazilian industry. The event was held by IBP (Brazilian Institute of Petroleum, Gas and biofuels) and by the newspaper Poder360.

With the exploration of the pre-salt, it is estimated that soon the country will be among the five largest producers in the world, but not only because of oil, since in the exploratory areas there is also a substantial amount of natural gas, whose exploitation for generation of Electricity should change the current scenario of the Brazilian industry, and may stimulate greater competitiveness in the market, and possibly lead to the reduction of tariffs in the electricity sector.

For the president of Siemens, André Clark, through the exploration of oil, the country has been developing technologically in the industry of equipment in the sector. “It is an industry that is born 4.0,” he said during a seminar. Siemens is one of the global companies that take advantage of the heating in the P&G sector in the Brazilian market and, according to Clark, makes billionaires investments in Rio de Janeiro (one of the main regions of oil wells in Brazil).

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