Oil and gas industry in Texas has strong start until 2017

After three years of an intense crisis in oil and gas industry in Texas, United States, it seems that the game is finally turning around, at least, by the Texan land. The first half of 2017 began giving greater recovery breath

Karr Ingham, petroleum Economist, said that the Texas Petro Index, a tool he created to assess the industry's health, noting several factors, points out that the oil and gas industry in the State of Texas continues to recover.

According to the Economist, the factors that influence these improvements are increased drilling activity, in addition to the value of the State-owned oil and gas production. However, although 2017 as a point year of recovery, he notes that the jobs lost over the oil crisis have not been relocated. But, if the activities of oil continue to show high levels, it is expected that the demand for jobs to come back.

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