Oil industry back to crawl after climax of the crisis begun in 2014

The ares of the world oil indicate that for the first time since the oil crisis exploded in 2014 the market shows signs of heating. The fact that the barrel of oil have already been circulating at $26, and now in the first fortnight of January he be about the $55 is clear demonstration of the black oil really winds are changing from North to South of the planet.

Experts estimate that overall spending in 2017 with production and exploration of oil walk the House of $450 billion, which represents a growth of about 3% compared with last year’s numbers.

The American market is one of the ones that show signs of recovery. According to data from Baker company, in 2014 the number of active drilling rigs in the U.S. 404 era units, while now at the beginning of 2017 the same company indicates there are 665 units in operation.

The indication from OPEC in the sense that countries reduce oil production, along with the new investments that are occurring in the industry around the world are factors that really contribute to the market in the beginning of 2017 to show the first signs of growth and recovery.


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