Shipbuilding industry receives contribution from 9.15 billion R$

It was approved by the Board of Directors of the merchant marine Fund (CDFMM) a contribution of R$ 9.15 billion for funding in the shipbuilding industry. Will be allocated to new projects about of 7.72 billion R$, while the remainder will be assigned to supplemental resources of ongoing actions and projects that were not hired at the expiration date.

About of 1.03 billion will go to support R$ seaman; for docking and repair works, the value will be of 41,100,000 R$; cabotage will receive R$ 3.28 billion; building and repair yard, R$ 2,440,000; and R$ still 20,270,000 to upgrading conversion of vessels; inland waterways and transport passenger vessels will R$ and R$ 6,460,000 27,170,000, respectively.

Up to 90% of the value of the projects will be financed by the fund waives all such claims in the Merchant Navy, but that will depend on the domestic content of each project and the type of vessel.


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