Inmetro approves tile design that generates solar energy

Developed by Eternit, the design of a concrete tile capable of producing energy obtained inmetro certificate and the company can already market the product. The cover captures energy from the sun through photovoltaic cells applied directly to it, replacing traditional solar panels.  

The company estimates that using the technology can reduce the cost of a solar system by up to 20%. The expected return on investment is 3 to 5 years. In the case of a small residence, about 150 tiles are required. For high standard houses, up to about 600 units. 

The solar tiles, which will be produced at the Factory of Tégula Solar, a brand that belongs to the group, have a size of 36.5 cm by 47.5 cm and a power of 9.16 watts, which is reflected in an average monthly capacity to produce 1.15 Kilowatts per hour (Kwh) per month.


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