Technological innovations make the world grow offshore

Technological innovations each day have been showing growth over the years, reaching the world and, consequently, the offshore sector. During the Rio oil and Gas event, which took place in September 2018, in Rio de Janeiro, this issue was one of the main debates among oil companies. One of the most distinguished companies was Repsol Sinopec Brazil, at its booth at Tech Week, which owned the area dedicated to innovation.

The state has shown about five technological tools that help in the offshore sector: Oathkeeper, with the function of generating and comparing different concepts of facilities for the development in the fields of oil and gas; Squidbot, is a kind of robot for autonomous inspection in the service storage tanks; Simex, is also a kind of robot that evaluates the state of integrity of different tanks; Twin, studies the mechanisms of oil recovery through a water injection with a virtual reality simulator; Lastly, Digital Twin, which improves the quality of data from the exploration phase to the production optimization phase.

Another company that has been showing the front of technological advances is GE Oil & Gas, which offers the opportunity to optimize the processes of the oil and gas production chain, from virtual models optimizing performances of machines outside the field. Another tool that is being put into practice is Earthstar, which allows operators to map reservoir and fluid boundaries for more than 200 feet of the well, enabling a comprehensive view of the exploratory areas.

The technologies are the great allies of the offshore world, as it increasingly allows exploration and drilling techniques to be applied more quickly and innovatively. Learn more about the major news of oil, gas, energy, biofuels, onshore and offshore. Remember, your business comes through here! Check out the Panorama Offshore portal at and


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