Offhore Inspection has drone assistance

Technology has made significant changes in the offshore sector. A show of what the market expects for 2018 could be seen and evaluated by countless investors during the OTC Brasil 2017 (Offshore Tecnology Conference), which took place between 24 to 26 October, in Rio Centro, in Rio de Janeiro. Modern drilling rigs, 4d inspection system and the famous non-Tripuláveis ships were among the highlights of the important technology fair.

According to the cartographer engineer of the company Xd4Solutions, Silvia Regina Bolonhin Beltm, companies come, each day, seeking technological solutions that assist in the development of production and at the same time promote quality and cost reduction, actions easily achievable With the new technological equipment. Brazilian company formed by helicopter airline pilots, originating from the offshore market and certified by the Swiss company Flyability, Xd4Solutions is authorised to perform the operation and resale of the Elios equipment (the Collision-tolerant UAV), aircraft Remotely piloted (drone), which has been the "letter in the sleeve" of the countless oil companies for conducting structural inspection with reduced costs and accidents.

Remotely controlled by skilled pilots, small aircraft can carry out inspections in the thorough confined areas such as storage tanks, pressure vapour tubes, heat exchangers, oil rigs, flare towers, among others Spaces with precision and security, facilitating the work of inspection of the company and maintenance of the safety of its workers. "The surveys carried out with drones bring various benefits to the industry as a significant reduction in the cost of operation and downtime of the structure; Worker safety and fast delivery of results, which allows effective corrective action and reduced maintenance expenses. With the Elios drone, for example, the inspection is carried out entirely from outside the structure, without requiring a human to enter the confined space, "says the engineer.

But do not think that the aircraft may replace the human labor in this process. In reality, the technology has come to assist the service and keep the worker safe while the drones are in charge of the most difficult processes.  "It is remarkable that technology is being well accepted in the industrial industry for the diversity of benefits it can provide. However, it is not only the companies that earn from the machines, also the workers who can in future use new professions as a drone pilot or aerial imaging analyst, fomenting the sector and generating new job opportunities, "says Silvia Regina

Conducting inspections of structures with drones provides the industry with the possibility of achieving a routine of monitoring and continuous tracking of its structures, which facilitates the maintenance of equipment on platforms, reducing costs and promoting more efficiency. With these new "air tax" companies are able to carry out inspection work quickly, efficiently and safely. An opportunity for companies to grow and develop in the sector in the midst of the crisis.

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