Intelbras invests in solar energy in its business

Electronics manufacturer Intelbras inaugurated the largest photovoltaic roof plant in its industry, located in São José, in the interior of the state of Santa Catarina. The installation should produce about 1739MW/h this year. This shows that, like many others, the company is investing solar power generation in their business.

The new plant has 46,000 m², twice the area of the capacity structure to supply about 725 homes, for example. For the intelbras energy unit manager, Márcio Osli, the new facilities are a game changer for the conscious growth of the company.

"We are an innovative company that serves its customers, partners and consumers with state-of-the-art technology facilities and the reach of all. That is why we have sought to invest in new businesses, being a solar energy and its technicalities," he concluded.


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