Investment: Shell intends to inject 10 billion dollars in Brazil in 4 years for subsalt projects

The President of Shell, Ben Van Beurden, returned to be with the President Fear the day 10 November. He was bringing some good news: his company plans to invest $10 billion over the next four years in Brazil. Van Beurdn said that the financial contribution will be made as a matter of priority to projects related to the pre-salt layer, including the field of pound, and in partnership with Petrobras. And I've said that the Shell evaluates new opportunities as the auctions next year and could be the pre-salt made from 2018.

The Executive pointed out that the company may also extend their participation in auctions conducted next year and added that the company follows with attention to fiscal and legal measures in the country. The idea is to make Brazil one of the three major destinations for global investments group.

The Executive praised the approval by Congress of the project that ends with the obligatory Petrobras be the only operator of pre-salt, which will magnify the private participation in the operation. According to him, the initiative is a correct movement of the country, because it will open new economic opportunities and will allow new foreign companies operate in the domestic market, generating new jobs.


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