Oil and gas sector investments

The offshore market is an area that is in constant development and because it is a volatile sector, due to the rise and fall of the price of world oil, investing in information technologies and automation has become a strategy of countless companies to remain competitive and prosperous In the current global scenario.

The trend is so strong that in a recent study by Accenture (NYSE: ACN) and Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT), with Brazilian and international companies, 80% of the exploration and production companies said that in the next five years should increase their investments In digital technology by up to 30% in order to dry out the accounts and promote more efficiency to the activities of exploration and production of oil and gas.

The current digital investments have focused more on mobility, software and mobile technologies. This is because companies have identified that products and solutions in technology offer significant efficiency and cost savings in a short space of time. Which enables more business growth, logistical control and value generation, fundamental requirements for an oil company or offshore corporation.

Among the many technologies that have been acquired, are cloud storage services that provide flexibility and system management without the need for a physical space to archive information. Oil companies that need to detect their assets and ship-platforms have opted for technology to reach and optimize physical and financial space.

Another technological innovation "partner" in the tanker sector is the drones. Remotely piloted aircraft facilitates the management and collection of geological, geophysical and geochemical data from structures that can be dangerous and require time and cost, such as reservoirs, storage tanks, platforms, turbines and onshore spaces.

With air inspectors, companies and institutions manage to carry out inspection work quickly, efficiently and safely.  The oil and gas companies saw in the development of new technologies a greater opportunity for, in the midst of the crisis, to be able to grow and develop in the sector.

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