Investment in research in the P&G branch is approved

The Mine and Energy Commission of the House of Deputies Approved a proposal that adds in law 9478/97 (petroleum law; Agency law National Petroleum, Natural Gas and biofuels (ANP); Petroleum Law and Gas) The obligation of companies to operate, develop and produce Oil and natural gas to undertake research investments, Development and Innovation (PD&I).

Contracts between the ANP and oil companies already secure Clauses establishing the obligation to apply a percentage of the revenue Production in eligible expenses such as PD&I, but this percentage of the is not foreseen in the so-called petroleum law.

By the proposal that was approved, the investment would come from 1% of gross production revenue, in Contracts for the granting of large-volume or high-yield fields Profitability. In the case of contracts for the sharing of production and transfer of The amount will be 1% and 0.5% of the annual gross revenue of the Fields belonging to the blocks detailed and delimited in the respective Contracts.


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