Investments will be heated with auctions up to 2027

The Director-General of the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), Decius Oddone, reported that he expects an investment of R $850 billion in production up to 2027, through the continuation of the auctions.

He also recalled that the country's oil production potential can surpass 5 million of daily barrels in 2027.
The executive also commented that it expects a greater connection between the financial market and the oil industry, with the creation of companies that depend on funding.

The ANP has the deadline until April 13 to publish the regulation of "waivers"-Request for forgiveness for the non-compliance of local content indexes, reminded the Director-General of the Agency, in the annual Investment forum of Bradesco BBI.

According to Oddone, the resolution will generate the possibility of additive to past contracts. "We had a wide discussion from a public consultation last year that involved industry agents. The indication is to soften the local content, "he said.

He quoted the 40% for engineering, 40% for construction and assembly and 40% in machinery and equipment. "We believe that the issue will be pacified," Oddone said.

The director of the Brazilian Institute of Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels (IBP) Antonio Guimarães said to expect that projects are now unlocked. "Local content is being reviewed. The revision has not yet been closed, but the indications are that we will be able to unlock projects from the past to doable level, "he opined. Oddone said, also on Tuesday, to have the perception of that discussion.

On the special customs procedure for export and import (Repetro) in the Assembly of Rio de Janeiro, he believes that "will end up passing." Guimarães, in turn, reported that there is a discussion between legislators about what is repetro, and there is a political resistance. But the expectation of the IBP is continuity of the regime.

"Considering the position that IBP has, the support we have of Rio de Janeiro, I could say that there is a very clear indication that the likelihood that it will continue to exist in Rio de Janeiro, as it already exists today, is great," said Guimarães. Source: Trade journal.

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