Investors bet on sustainable business

Clean technology companies have received big bets from investors in their shares, even during the pandemic scenario. On account of the investments, some solar and wind power stocks are hitting record levels.

That's what happened to the car maker's stock. Tesla electrics. The company had a 251% jump this year alone, with a focus on appreciation of the clean technology sector – from solar installers to fuel cell suppliers and wind companies. The price of paper Vivint Solar tripled, and Sunrun's nearly tripled. Meanwhile, the shares of Sunnova Energy International and Enphase Energy doubled.

This new trend is a remarkable change compared to the last economic crisis of 2008, when investors fled the renewable energies, which at the time was heavily dependent on subsidies from Governments. Now, thanks to technology and innovation, these sustainable energies are cheap, established and desired by both concessionaires and corporations, as well as being ecologically correct.


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