JBS Biodiesel gains certification to issue Cbios

The Board of the ANP (National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and biofuels) approved, in the last week, the certification of the Biodiesel production unit of JBS, located in Lins (SP). JBS Biodiesel will be the first biofuel producer capable of issuing carbon credits (Cbio) within the RenovaBio program.

In total, there are 166 producers and importers of Biofuels with certification in analysis and 19 with public consultation Closed. Those who are certified will be able to issue carbon credits to From 2020.

The distributors of fossil fuels, such as diesel and will be obliged to purchase the Cbios, in volume proportional to their Market shares. Credit may also be marketed with a Financial asset, however, the regulation still needs to be completed.


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