Generation of jobs in the COMPERJ works

Information from the Director of production and technology development of Petrobras, Hugo Repsold, indicates that the works of the Comperj Natural Gas processing Unit (UPGN) are already underway and should be finalised until 2020. The project must contract between 2,500 and 3,000 workers by the end of this year.

The work is being carried out by Chinese Shandong Kerui and by the potential method, but the owner of the project is Petrobras. The budget is estimated at R $2 billion. According to Hugo Repsold, it is not an expensive but fundamental undertaking for the pre-salt, because it will drain the company's Route 3 (production flow).

On the other works of the petrochemical complex of Rio de Janeiro there is still no date to begin, since it is still the object of negotiation between Petrobras and the Chinese CNPC. There is also the planning for the construction of a pipeline to complete the runoff route, but which will still be bid by the ANP.

The projects are the necessary lever for the development of employment opportunities in Rio de Janeiro. Stay informed about everything in the oil, gas, energy, petrol, fuel, Petrobras, onshore and offshore markets in the Panorama offshore portal and remember: Your business goes through here! Go to:


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