Jobs in view: Congressman Dejorge Patrician takes minister to COMPERJ

On Thursday afternoon, 22, the Minister of Industry, Foreign trade and Services (MDIC), Marcos Jorge de Lima, at the invitation of Mr Dejorge Patricio (RJ), accompanied by Senator Eduardo Lopes, visited the COMPERJ and became aware of important details On the UPGN (Natural Gas processing unit) that when receiving investments in the House of R $1.94 billion of the consortium formed by Chinese Shandong Kerui Petroleum and by the potential method, will contribute directly to the creation of about 5000 new jobs Direct to workers in the region.

"We know well the difficulties of the people of this region and we know the importance that the full functioning of the COMPERJ means for all. By inviting the illustrious Minister Marcos Jorge de Lima I had the purpose of making him prove in loco the grandeur and importance of the petrochemical complex, as well as how much he deserves to be treated and accompanied with the utmost attention by the Ministry of Industry, Foreign trade and services. What I seek is to make investments and oxygen from the government directly or indirectly to the COMPERJ, because I know that the 5000 possible direct job vacancies for our people is synonymous with development for the region, "said Mr. Jorge Patricio.


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