After the judge determines suspension of layoffs, oil tankers must end the

The Regional Labor Court (TRT) of the 9th Region, through the judge Rosalie Michaele Bacila Batista, determined on Tuesday, February 18, 2020, the immediate suspension of layoffs at Ansa (Petrobras Subsidiary Nitrogen araucaria).

The decision, was taken as a result of the impasse between Petrobras and the workers' representatives at the conciliation hearing. The determination of the judge is valid until March 6, when there will be a new attempt to Agreement.

The impasse had its peak when the workers' union did not accept the proposal put forward by Ansa. Below is the basis of the proposal:

*** Proportional payment of 40% of december 2019 remuneration per year working, adding half remuneration to the end, with the floor of R$ 60,000 and the ceiling of R$ 200,000.

*** Notice indemnified.

*** Reretronation of benefits to the 144 fired.

*** Educational benefit for dependents, health insurance (physician, dental and drug) for two years, regardless of getting new jobs.

Apparently the suspension of the strike pleased the FUP (Single Federation of Tankers). In evaluation of Gerson Castellano, director of press and communication of the Federation, the decision of the judge was good and very responsible in the end of the Layoffs. Now the trt decision will be taken to the category in Paraná in assembly, which should take place by Thursday (20), when it will be deliberate to suspension or maintenance of the strike.


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