Kazakhstan to continue with oil production, minister says

Kazakhstan's Energy Minister Nurlan Nogayev said last Wednesday (27), during a press conference that "currently there is no interrupting (activity)" in kazakhstan's largest oil field, Tengiz, which is being developed with the participation of the American oil giant Chevron. 

Even in the face of the coronavirus outbreak detected among workers, affecting about 1,000 people, Nogayev said that "the main production remains unchanged", as does the expansion project, although "non-essential work has been postponed to a later date," he explained. 

Last week, Kazakhstan's health chief, Aizhan Esmagambetova, warned that Tengiz could be closed on behalf of Covid-19. According to the Energy Minister, a total of 18,500 workers were removed from the field to prevent the spread of the outbreak, and health prevention work is being carried out according to the needs of the region.


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