Kitchen gas passes through 4% price increase

Last Friday (22), Petrobras announced a average 4% in the price of cooking gas. With this, the 13-pound canister would be sold to homes at the same selling value to industries. The company will also increase the product for sale in large canisters or in bulk in 0.6%, on average.

With adjustments, the company eliminates the difference in prices between the two products, in force since the first Lula government. Equity price was a market demand and was approved by jair's current government Bolsonaro in August this year.

With the new increase, this becomes the second high in the price of gas for 13-pound canisters. The first occurred in October this year, with an average increase of 5% in value. After five adjustments in the year (four increases and a drop of 8.2%), fuel has accumulated increase of 4.8%.

Finally, consumer transfers depend on the distributor and resellers. The sale price at the refineries of the Petrobras represents about 40% of the final price of the bottle and the rest, equivalent to profits and taxes.


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