Cooking gas undergoes 5% adjustment

According to Petrobras, the average price of liquefied gas (LPG) will change by 5%. The announcement was made this week and will cover the product sold by the state-owned companies to the distributors. With this, the average price of Petrobras will be equivalent to R$ 24.08 per 13 kilos (kg).

Throughout the year to date, the reduction is 13.4%, or R$ 3,72 per 13 kg cooking gas canister. More than that, Petrobras states that equalled LPG prices for the residential and industrial/commercial segments since November 2019, and that LPG is sold by Petrobras in bulk. Thus, the distributors are responsible for filling in different types of canister, in addition to being also responsible for the prices to the final consumer at the time of Resale.


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