Get to know the main oil basins in Brazil

Most of the oil is located in sedimentary basins on land and oceans – they are responsible for much of the production of oil and gas in the country, which up to some years ago it was mostly from imports. However, currently the Brazil already has enough to supply the domestic market.

Of all existing oil basins, four of them deserve highlight: the campos, santos, Espírito Santo and Recôncavo basins Bahia. De Campos is the main and largest basin in the country, responsible for 80% of the oil production in Brazil, while the Santos basin has the largest growth potential, because it is in it that the pre-salt layer is found.

The Holy Spirit basin, on the other hand, although it did not lead the oil production, stands out for the extraction of natural gas. Finally, that of the Recôncavo Bahia is the second Brazilian oil basin in production volume and the first to be explored in Brazil.

See below the main basins of the country and its fields Producers:

– Santos (10 fields)

– Fields (41 fields)

– Solimões (7 fields)

– Holy Spirit (42 fields)

– Potiguar (80 fields)

– Recôncavo (78 fields)

– Parnaíba (5 fields)

– Sergipe (21 fields)

– Camamu (1 field)

– Alagoas (12 fields)

– Ceará (4 fields)

– South Toucan (4 fields)


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