Meet the best investment destinations in the offshore market

Knowing about the most prone places for the offshore market is a differential so that investments are not wasted. Brazil is one of the countries considered one of the best for the sector. For this, it is necessary to analyze criteria such as the structure of ports and airports, as well as infrastructure and security.

Countries in the Americas include Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay and Costa Rica. Already in the Asian continent, China, New Zealand, Philippines, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and Vietnam. And on other continents, there are South Africa, Israel, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Romania, Turkey, Slovakia, Hungary Ireland and Northern Ireland.

In Brazil, the predominance is focused on the Northeast region, such as Ceará, Bahia and Rio Grande do Norte. Not only in the oil sector, but also in the wind, because of the climatic and operational factors in the cities. The offshore market has been growing and expanding, thus predicting an ever-increasing growth over the years.

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