Learn the functionality of the wet Christmas tree

The function of the subsea engineering has been decisive in deepwater and Ultra-Deepwater oil extraction. Sophisticated technological solutions, with very specific equipment, allow you to take the oil and natural gas from the seabed to production units. Some of the terms that designate the equipment are curious and others, hard to understand for someone who is not familiar with the topic.

The name "Christmas tree" appeared in the 1930, when inhabitants of land oil provinces in the United States, associated equipment – which was covered in snow – a pine tree for Christmas. With the completion of the first subsea wells in the 60, the term gained the adjective "wet" when it was installed at the bottom of the sea.

This is a set of remotely operated valves that control the flow of fluids produced or injected into the well. Supports high pressures and different ambient tracks. Is installed on the head of the subsea well, with the help of frogmen (depths of up to 300 metres) or remote operating vehicle (ROV), deepwater and ultra-deepwater.

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