Meet the 134 state-owned companies that can be privatized

According to the Ministry of Economics, the federal government has 134 state-owned companies, being 46 direct control and 88 indirect (subsidiaries). In the last two years, 20 state-owned enterprises have been privatized or liquidated, most of them being Eletrobras and Petrobras. After the decision of the Supreme Court (STF) on Thursday, 6, the trend is that this number of destatizations increase considerably.

Petrobras is the state that has the most subsidiaries (35), according to the Bulletin of federal state companies, released in April by the Secretariat of Coordination and governance of State enterprises. Next, are Eletrobras (30), Bank of Brazil (16), BNDES (3), Caixa Economica Federal (3) and Post Office (1).

Check out the list of 134 state-owned companies:

Regional Development

Ebserh, HCPA and GHC

ECT, EBC and Telebras

5283 participations, BB Elo cards, Caixapar and Correiospar

CBTU, Trensurb, Valec and Infraero

Conab, Ceagesp and Ceasaminas

ABGF, BB Corretora, BB segurity, BB Seguros and Caixa security

CDC, Codesa, Codesp, CDP, CDRJ, Codern and Codeba

Research, Development and planning
Amazul, Embrapa, EPE, EPL, Emgepron and CPRM

Manufacturing industry
Araucaria, Ceitec, CMB, Imbel, INB, Nuclep and Hemobrás

Assets S.A., BAMB, BASA, BB, bb AG, BB Consortia, BB Investments, BB DTVM, BB LAM, BESCVAL, BNB, BNDES, BNDESPAR, BNDES PLC, Caixa, Emgea, FINEP and Finame

Trade and services
Assets management, BB cards, BB Turismo, BB Technology and services, Dataprev, E-Petro, Serpro, PCEL, PEL, PFL, PIB BV, PNBV, PSPL and TI B.V.

Oil, gas and derivatives
Petrobras, BR, Bear, Brasoil, Gaspetro, gas Brasiliano GBD, Liquigás, Logignas, PAI, PB-Log, Pebis, Pemid, GDP Col, PM, PPSA, Transpetro, Stratura Asfaltos, TAG, TBG and Pbio

Eletrobras, Blue Macaw, AmGT, Bentevi, Brazil winds, Breitener, Breitener Jaraqui, Breitener Tambaqui, BSE, CGTEE, CHESF, EDV IX, Edv V, Edv VI, Edv VII, Edv VIII, Eletronorte, Electronuclear, Eletrosul, Eletropar, Wind Chuí IX, Wind Hermenegildo I, Wind Hermenegildo II, Wind Hermenegildo III, Fote, Furnas, Mangue Seco 2, Gold green I, Ouro Verde II, Gold green III, Termobahia, Thermomacae Comercializadora, Thermomacae, TGO, TSBE, TSLE, winds of Angelim, winds of Santa Rosa and winds of Uirapuru

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