Korea advances Energy Efficiency

Amid so many innovations and changes, energy efficiency has come as a “key area” in the world. Although it is less noticeable than large wind farms or electric cars, energy efficiency is no less important for people’s health, the environment and the economy. Sung Yun-Mo, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy of Korea and Dr. Fatih Birol, executive director of the IEA (International Energy Agency) discussed the issue and talked about the importance of South Korea in the energy context in the EIA website.

With a focus on clean energy, the transition brings a number of benefits to society, from cars that spend less fuel to lighter operations in factories, which produce more while using less electricity.

The energy intensity improves each year, which means that the world is extracting a greater value from the energy it uses. However, this improvement reached just over 1% last year, given well below what the world governments are capable of, in view of the amount of innovations and sustainable methods of recent years.

However, amid the unconcern of other countries, Korea is highly involved in global discussions, it has been a member of the IEA since 2002, host of the International Renewable Energy Conference of 2019 and in addition has expanded its roles and responsibilities in international community. The country wants to reduce the share of coal and nuclear energy and at the same time increase the use of renewable sources. In terms of demand, you want to create a structure with high efficiency and low consumption.

In addition, it also has the national Energy Efficiency Innovation Plan, which aims to focus on obtaining voluntary and active participation of actors in the market and changing the behavior and general values of consumption, with the use of programs and Incentives to increase private investment, market instruments for innovation and data collection.

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