Lack of laws weakens offshore wind energy sector

The regulation to implement in the short-term offshore renewable energy generation fields in Brazil was one of the topics under discussion in the 11th edition of the National Wind Forum, at the School of government.

Offshore wind power generation occurs through wind rigs built at sea to harness the highest flow of winds in electricity generation.

According to the President of the Center for Strategies in Natural resources and Energy (heartwood), Darlan Santos, the problem for this type of generation is still the absence of a set of norms, laws and directives that regulate its functioning.

“There is simply no regulatory framework that indicates the guidelines for the implementation of these projects and no industrial activity can be established without a defined legal framework,” he summarizes. And there’s no date for this to be resolved, he adds.

But the demand for the regulation of the use of offshore platforms is an ongoing process. The Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama), with Petrobras, continues working on the topic to expedite this process, but it is not easy, since it has reduced personnel to meet all demands.

As the offshore is a very new activity, still according to him, Ibama needs to establish the environmental criteria required to implement a wind farm at sea.

“It is already aware that there is no reason for this method not to develop in Brazil. Thus, the first step is to identify the environmental bottleneck, “recalls the president of the heartwood.

According to the professor at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte and speaker of the event, Mario González, the expectation is that, with the implementation of the fields of offshore wind power generation, the investment of entrepreneur in the state increases.

“The RN has the best wind in the world not only on land, but also in the sea. The probability that this is explored is enormous. Any entrepreneur sees this as an opportunity to invest. I hope that in the coming years we have many companies interested in investing in this sector, “he bets.

There is already a bill on the subject in the Chamber of Deputies, under the rapporteurs of the federal Deputy José Vitor (PR-MG).

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