Language can not be decisive factor for those who want to change country

I visited some countries in Europe like Spain, Portugal and England and also travelled to Reykjavík, Iceland, to accompany a client who invests, among other fronts, in the exploration of geothermal energy. I was impressed with the structure and proposal of the enterprise. Betting on renewable sources is not the future but the present.

It's a technology that allows you to use natural resources in a conscious way. These are very similar panels to those of Tesla, used in solar energy collection for shingles. Just the roof that is a little different because it is used in places where the cold is intense, and so it is adapted to harness the same solar energy to do the heating of the house. Walls, floors, finishes and even the bathroom do not suffer from changing the temperature thanks to this clean energy capture.

Already during my trip to Portugal, I met some Brazilians who chose to live there and asked everyone the reason for the choice and the answer is always the same, "because it is easier". I'm sorry to say, but sometimes it's not. Don't be fooled by the language issue. Seek very specific information, with professionals who know that particular market, the region, characteristics and especially the legislation. Only with this analysis will it be possible to point out alternatives for investments and new businesses.

Portugal is an opportunity or Europe is an opportunity, for those who have the condition to go to Europe? Yes, it is. But the economy is very different. Analyzing the country, I conclude that there would be a "Brazil that gave a little more right". And don't expect to find elements that denote a poignant economy like bold buildings, innovative technologies or sophisticated cars, as you see in the United States, Germany, Australia, Japan, and Canada. It's something totally different.

The change of country must precede three steps: Conversation with the family, consult a professional and planning. To study the economy is fundamental, after all, this factor that will influence the outcome of your company, remember that besides the adaptation, you have to worry about how to support you and your family. And the so dreamed seen only comes when all this walks in a correct and orderly manner.

About four years ago, a couple of Brazilians came to my office with the idea of moving to Barcelona. We studied all the impacts and adjustments that would need to be made to take that dream out of the paper and put it into practice. Together we have created a structured plan, presenting all the possibilities of business and quantity to be invested. Every six months, we gathered via Skype to discuss the completed steps and what still needed to be done. With caution and planning, they boarded for Spain last year.

This preparation is very important for anyone who thinks about leaving their country. Otherwise, the risk of relying on the government is large and parasitic in a system of which you are trying to enjoy to improve life, it will not work.

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