Largest oil tanker in activity to land in Asia

Oceania, the largest oil tanker currently in operation, must disembark on the Sungai Linggi River in Malaysia until the end of this month. The vessel has been offshore for months and intrigues dozens of navigation specialists and the fuel market.

The huge freighter is 16 years old, over 365,000 meters long and a day's storage capacity of all the oil consumption of France and the United Kingdom together. The latest information is that Oceania passed through West Africa and, in March, headed towards the Mediterranean Sea in search of more loading.

The ship is owned by Euronav, an international oil transport company across the oceans. The company's plan was to store fuel and help its fleet comply with the new rules of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), in force from 2020.

What is IMO 2020?

The new strategy of the organization, headquartered in London, is to reduce the sulphur emissions of ships from January next year. Knowing this, experts claim that Euronav's original plan is to accumulate fuel and fix its prices for the coming times.

Fuels, according to IMO rules, will probably cost more than the type most ships use today.

The new rules will require vessels to limit sulphur content to 0.5%, below 3.5% in most of the world today. According to studies, the pollutant causes acid rain and can lead to health problems such as asthma and even lung cancer.

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