The largest solar power plant in the PR is inaugurated

Paraná has won its largest solar power plant in an industry of batteries. The complex, located in the municipality of royalty/PR, was designed By the company BioWatts Energia Solar, owner of other diverse Facilities across the country.

According to the director of BioWatts, Pedro Tochetto, Structure deployed in the company batteries Real counts with 1,896 plates Which produce more than 850,000 kWh/year, sufficient energy to To meet the consumption of 850 households.

In this way, more than 2,800 trees will cease to be felled and 395 Thousand kilos of CO2 will not be launched in nature – this being one of the gases Responsible for the greenhouse effect.

In addition, the company demonstrates real concern Environmental. According to Paulo Casaril, CEO of Real Batteries, the format For the sale and return of used batteries adopted by the organization is a model Successful recycling. “We were able to reuse 97% of a battery Used, returning it to the production process and thus reducing the risks of Environmental pollution, “Casaril says.

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