Born leader and oil man, Rodolfo Landim is now the guy from Flamengo

The members of the club of Regatas do Flamengo were the polls on December 8th and elected the plaque chaired by Rodolfo Landim to administer the black Rubro in the triennium from 2019 to 2021. Elected by 1,879 Partners, Landim will take his experience and competence, acquired with years of work in Ouro Preto oil and gas, an oil company in which he is president, for the management of the club that has one of the biggest twides in the country.

Taking into account the support received during the campaign period, it is possible to believe that Landim will have a "weight" team to command Flamengo. Among the supporters are the former Presidents Márcio Braga; Patricia Amorim; The player Zico; Cláudio Pracownik, former vice of finance and administration of the club and, Marcos Braz, former of Flamengo in 2009, and who returns to the club as Landim's right arm, in the position of vice president of football.

With more than 30 years of experience in management and collecting managerial and management positions in oil and gas companies, one of them is Ouro Preto itself, Rodolfo Landim shows that its management will be compromised and focused. The performance and good corporate governance practices acquired and prospected in years of work in the offshore sector will serve as a basis for placing Flamengo on the tracks and heading to the bonds.

In a controversial and determined phrase in an interview with the magazine "Piauí", the new representative of the Negro Rubro shows that with management is serious thing. In the statement he said, "there is no situation in life when I go to chicken out. If you put your hand on my butt, you're going to take a beating. Whatever size it is. " It seems, as you well know, Landim must follow the precepts of oil extraction and dive deep into this new endeavor, to, in the jargon of football, mark another "goal of plaque".  Let Landim do a good management and that 2019 is very promising for Flamengo, for Ouro Preto and for the oil, gas, energy and offshore market.

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